Counselling & Psychotherapy: digital connection

Like all responsible therapists, we’re working remotely at present. We know it’s bloody difficult out there–everyone, in their own way, is reeling from the shock of Covid19 that’s blasted into our lives like a disaster movie seemingly without script, director or editor on board.

One certainty is that we are still here to connect with you. Although based in E17, we’ve also been online therapists since 2017, comfortably working with clients around the world and in the UK by secure, confidential video calling, telephone or WhatsApp.

Care, connection and attachment can be just as strong and valuable whether you’re breathing the same air or sharing virtual space. Our hearts and minds are more adaptable than we think. Online isn’t second best. I’m pretty sure that if he lived in this era Freud would be hosting sessions online and tweeting, tiktok-ing (is that even a verb?) and You-Tubing his way into the collective consciousness even as fluently as you and I write and scroll our phones.