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If you’re looking for psychotherapy or counselling, we can help. We offer appointments in person or remotely via Zoom or similar platforms.

Is there a difference between psychotherapy and counselling?

That’s an interesting question. Both terms imply a confidential, non-judgemental relationship, where both parties work together to find out more about the client’s inner world. Some people think ‘counselling’ means a limited number of sessions to concentrate on specific issues in the present, whereas ‘psychotherapy’ implies long-term work with a focus on the way early experiences shape the here and now. But this definitely isn’t a hard and fast rule–we work with people on a long-term or short-term basis. On this site, we describe ourselves as psychotherapists or ‘therapists’.

Who we are

We are Roberta Aversa UKCP and Rosalind Grainger UKCP

a partnership of qualified attachment-based psychotherapists based in Walthamstow, London E17.

We both trained at the Bowlby Centre, London N5, and work with adult individuals

  • in person
  • over the telephone or
  • via video link using a secure, free platform–Zoom or VSee .

What we do

Please have a look round our site to see the kinds of issues therapists might help with, information about our education and training, and how you can get in touch.

Roberta Aversa UKCP and Rosalind Grainger UKCP

Roberta Aversa